Quick Burr Removal Tool(Buy 2+ Extra 20% Off)
Quick Burr Removal Tool(Buy 2+ Extra 20% Off)
Quick Burr Removal Tool(Buy 2+ Extra 20% Off)
Quick Burr Removal Tool(Buy 2+ Extra 20% Off)
Quick Burr Removal Tool(Buy 2+ Extra 20% Off)

Quick Burr Removal Tool(Buy 2+ Extra 20% Off)

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  • „ÄźComplete Deburring Tool Set„ÄĎ-¬†NB1100 Handle with a Blade + 10pcs Extra BS1010 Deburring Blades.¬†Definitely one value pack of metal blade deburring tool.
  • „Äź10pc BS1010 for Ordinary Trimming Blade„ÄĎ-¬†HSS high-speed steel.¬†blade diameter 3.2MM.¬†Suitable for soft metal, such as plastic copper, aluminum and silver.
  • „ÄźSharp & Durable Blades„ÄĎ-¬†The blades are made of tempered high-speed steel, which makes the edge sharpness and blade hardness and toughness excellent.¬†Hardness:62-65HRC, long-time using hand deburring tool for you!
  • „ÄźWide Applications„ÄĎ-¬†From home use DIY projects to professional industrial applications, works on metal, steel, copper, aluminum, plastic, PVC, tin, trunking, etc.¬†Maximum to satisfy your need on edge deburring tool.
  • „ÄźNB1100 Deburring Tool with BS1010 Deburring Blades„ÄĎ-¬†Perfect for cutting the circular holes edge, deep holes, straight edge, curved edges.
  • „ÄźGreatest Hand Deburring Tool„ÄĎ-¬†It is a nice little tool for a lathe. It is quicker than a grinder and can get into tight angles. So every craftsman is worth having a deburring toolset.

    This Koro-Pro deburring kit is the ideal solution for all your deburring related tasks.

    • The tool easily holds all heavy-duty, 3.2mm, swivel head blades. Suitable for home use, plumbing applications or as a professional workshop tool.¬†
    • For example, you can use it for removing burrs from cut pipe, tubing, conduit, and PVC tubing thus making it a great pipe deburring tool.
    • The tool can be used for cross holes, deep holes, straight edges, and curved edges.¬†

    • Unlike ordinary blades, these blades are made of tempered high-speed steel and last 80% longer than ordinary blades.
    • The blade is easily replaceable and with multiple blades at your disposal, you can carry out deburring with ease and precision.¬†
    • The pack of 10 blades comes in a handy plastic storage case, the small size of the tool makes it really easy and convenient to carry around.¬†


    • Color: Blue.
    • Material:¬†Tempered high-speed steel.

      Package Include:

      • 1 x NB1100 Hex shape Handle.
      • 10 x BS1010 Blades.


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